Centenary Of Indian Cinema

Sohrab Modi – First Filmmaker To Start Historical Films

The huge success Hrithik Roshan‘s Jodhaa Akbar, Ranveer Singh‘s Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat and the recent hit Kangana Ranaut‘s Manikarnika have revived the era of historical films. Soon Ajay Devgn‘s Tanhaji is to be released. But readers’ do you know which is the first Historical film of India? And which filmmaker started the trend of historical films in India? Well,…

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Murders In Bollywood

How Super Hit Film ‘Victoria No. 203’ Filmmaker Killed His Family One Night! – Part 1

Bollywood which is known for making some of the edges of the seat suspense thrillers is itself packed with some baffling murder mysteries of film celebrities! This week Indian Film History (IFH) enlightens readers with such ‘Murder Mysteries’ which are even today unexplained. Eminent film producer-director Brijmohan Sadanah popularly known as Brij has made many super hit suspense thrillers like…

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Bollywood’s Most Impressive Anti Heroes

Everyone loves the hero, but rarely, if ever, forgets the villain. The last few years have witnessed the rise of the anti-hero; he could be anybody, right from a weepy loser or creepy stalker to a corrupt cop, conman or gangster. However, in spite of their wobbly moral compass and despicable antics, many mean protagonists in Hindi films have been…

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