Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Era When Producers Ruled Cinema – Part 2

Film making may be a director’s craft and a film star’s glitz to pull in the audience into cinema halls but without a sensible ‘producer’ a film cannot be imagined. Hence producers dominated filmmaking in the past. The glorious Prabhat Films founded by actor/director V Shantaram laid the foundation of filmmaking in India in 1929. Prabhat Films made several thought-provoking…

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Centenary Of Indian Cinema

Ashok Kumar Is The First Star Of Indian Cinema

In the ’30s when Indian Cinema was in its cradle Bombay Talkies brought a revolution in Hindi cinema changing its content, style, and grammar of filmmaking. The huge success of Bombay Talkies‘ second film Achhut Kanya (1936) established it lead actor Ashok Kumar as the loveable heartthrob of cine-buffs. Soon Ashok Kumar delivered a series of super hit films like…

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Bollywood dance is a form of dance used in Hindi feature films. It is a concoction of abundant styles including belly-dancing, Kathak, jazz, contemporary, Western popular, etc. It is hard to confine Bollywood dance because its actual definition, distribution, geography and style is fluid. However, it is still identifiable owing to its peculiar characteristics. The international appeal of Bollywood dancing…

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