Centenary Of Indian Cinema

P.C. Barua Made India’s First Film ‘Roop Lekha’ Using Flashback Technique!

Ramesh Sippy‘s Sholay is regarded as one of the landmark films in Indian cinema. The film revolutionized technical brilliance in Indian cinema like reviving the 70 MM format, Stereophonic sounds, Technicolor and introducing Hollywood style cinematography. The other vital contribution of Sholay to film technology was giving an impetus to the style of ‘Flashback’ the brilliant technique of disrupting the…

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History of Double Role In Bollywood – Chapter 1

Double Roles popularly known as dual roles have always fascinated film buffs and Bollywood has minted money rehashing the same subject with new generation stars. In fact, Double roles in Bollywood have played a key element in Bollywood and filmmakers have utilized it often to make super hit films. Indian Film Cinema goes down memory lane and traces the History…

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Bollywood’s Expensive Disasters

Although it’s said that content is king, there are times when even maverick filmmakers, superstars and stunning budgets fail to save a film from bombing at the box office. Despite trailers garnering immense publicity and hype signifying good buzz for the film, its eventual fate at the box office shows how marketing isn’t an assurance. Irrespective of the budget, star…

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