Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

Amitabh Bachchan Laid The Foundation Of Actors Turning Producers – Part 3

In the 1992 after Khuda Gawah, Amitabh Bachchan took a self-imposed retirement from Bollywood due to lack of good scripts and competent roles. During this period many producers tried to entice him with whopping remuneration to make a comeback but Bachchan declined. Finally, in 1996, Bachchan made a comeback with his ambitious Film Production Company Amitabh Bachchan Corp. Ltd (ABCL).…

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Failed to retain stardom

90’s Hit Film ‘Aashiqui’ Star Rahul Roy Turned Out To Be One Hit Wonder – Part – 4

In the early 90’s eminent filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, instead of introducing film star children, introduced two raw and unconventional looking actors Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal in his love story Aashiqui (1990). The music of the film became a massive hit and the film became a blockbuster at the box-office. Rahul Roy was even nominated by Filmfare as Best Actor…

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History of Double Role In Bollywood – Chapter 1

Double Roles popularly known as dual roles have always fascinated film buffs and Bollywood has minted money rehashing the same subject with new generation stars. In fact, Double roles in Bollywood have played a key element in Bollywood and filmmakers have utilized it often to make super hit films. Indian Film Cinema goes down memory lane and traces the History…

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