Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

Producers On The Decline; Actor turning Producers On The Rise! – Part 1

India’s most iconic Film Production House the RK Films drew its curtain by selling the RK Studios to Godrej Properties. Ranbir Kapoor the youngest member of RK clan does not seem to continue filmmaking. Likewise, the plight of many top Film Production companies like V Shantaram‘s Rajkamal Studios, Wadia Brothers Basant Studios, AR Kardar‘s Kardar Studios and Kamal Amrohi‘s Kamalistan…

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The Downfall Of Patriotic Songs In Bollywood In Recent Times! – Part 5

There was a time when Bollywood patriotic songs were popular among the masses. However, today the scenario is different. The patriotic songs of today lack that charm which the olden days had. That’s the reason come any national day of patriotic significance the nation starts echoing with old patriotic numbers. The most common among them being – Aye mere watan…,…

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Bollywood’s Tryst With Winter

Ajay Devgn left no stone unturned to ensure his action extravaganza Shivaay is a visual treat. Produced, directed and starring the 47-year-old, the Diwali release modelled itself on Lord Shiva’s personality and peculiarities in a contemporary tone. The action hero fought hypothermia to shoot on the top of Bulgaria’s Balkan mountains at a temperature as low as minus 19 degrees.…

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Top Comedy Films in Bollywood

Bollywood produces many films every year. While some go on to do really good business at the box office, some films tank. But some genres do really well at the box office every time that film releases. Well, we are talking about the comedy genre in Bollywood. Time and again, comedies have proven to be Bollywood’s favourite bet. So, today…

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Top Women Oriented Films In Bollywood

The very word ‘woman’ brings to mind an entity that can seduce with sensual beauty, endure with inner mind control and mold to any situation as though born to handle just that. Unfortunately, women in Bollywood films have not been given their fair share of author-backed roles. By and large, women characterizations have been sketchy or restricted to being arm-candy,…

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