The decline of Bollywood Music

The Decline Of Bollywood Music – Part 1

Even today Golden Era songs are popular in ‘Antakshari’ Game! “Baithe baithe kya karein, karna hai kuch kaam. Shuru karo antakshari leke prabu ka naam“ ‘Antakshari’ the musical game is as old as the mountain but even today, when family members unite the best game to pass time is ‘Antakshari’ but ever wondered that even today when we play Antakshari…

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Top 10 Romantic Films Of Bollywood

The history of Bollywood Romantic Movies is very old. Hindi film industry has completed 114 years in 2017. On 21st April 1913, the first Hindi film Raja Harishchandra, which was a silent film was actually a romantic Bollywood film, since then, this has become one of the popular genres among the filmmakers and the audience. If you go back to…

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