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A refreshing trend to take place soon post nepotism issue after the death of sushant Singh Rajput and Corona enabled OTT emergence

Vivek Oberoi to cast new talent in his second production horror flick. It seems like the whole Corona crisis and the toughest period of decades are bringing in some notable changes in the world of Bollywood. This year 2020 took many of our talented Bollywood actors away, but young actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide brought a wave of shock. It encouraged…

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Mad Race Biopics

The ‘80s And ‘90s Witnessed A Windfall Of Biopics On Underworld Dons – Part 3

In the mid ’70s the tale of dacoits became stale and emerged the era of underworld dons. Writer Salim–Javed in their film Deewaar (1975) designed the character of Amitabh Bachchan based on the life of India’s most notorious Gold smuggler Haji Mastan, who made headlines with his surrender during the emergency. Later film director Milan Luthria made a brilliant full-scale…

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Bollywood’s Most Impressive Anti Heroes

Everyone loves the hero, but rarely, if ever, forgets the villain. The last few years have witnessed the rise of the anti-hero; he could be anybody, right from a weepy loser or creepy stalker to a corrupt cop, conman or gangster. However, in spite of their wobbly moral compass and despicable antics, many mean protagonists in Hindi films have been…

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Top Kickass Bollywood Action Films

Nothing gets our adrenaline running like a good old action flick – whether the heroes are going ‘dhishoom dhishoom’ with their bare hands or ‘rat-a-ta-ta-tat’ with their guns. Bollywood action movies, especially, add to the spice with the creative and relatable swear words and ‘gaalis’. Paying a tribute to the genre, we bring to you the 10 best Bollywood action…

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