Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Era When Producers Ruled Cinema – Part 2

Film making may be a director’s craft and a film star’s glitz to pull in the audience into cinema halls but without a sensible ‘producer’ a film cannot be imagined. Hence producers dominated filmmaking in the past. The glorious Prabhat Films founded by actor/director V Shantaram laid the foundation of filmmaking in India in 1929. Prabhat Films made several thought-provoking…

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Centenary Of Indian Cinema

Ashok Kumar’s ‘Kismet’ – India’s First Film To Run For 3 Years In A Single Cinema Hall

Kismet (1943) was Bombay Talkies‘ biggest blockbuster that broke all box-office records and runs to packed houses for uninterrupted 3 years at Roxy Theatre in Kolkata!  The film introduced the lost and found drama which later became a favorite of Bollywood and it minted gold in the ’70s with films like Waqt (1965), Yaadon ki Baraat (1973), Fakira (1976), Amar…

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Music, R D Burman

R.D. Burman Did Not Live To Taste His Success – Part 6

Today, Rahul Dev Burman is regarded as a Music Genius, Music Maverick and Music director par excellence but the bitter truth is that when R.D. Burman was around in the film industry, he was never given his due place. He was ignored, overlooked and even ridiculed for lifting western album tunes and shamefully labeled as a plagiarist Agreed that there is a long list…

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