Yash Raj Film's Golden Jubilee Year

Yash Raj Film Studios – India’s Number 1 – State-Of-The-Art Film Studio!

Bombay Talkies, Mehboob Production, R.K. Films, Navketan Films, B.R. Films, Filmistan Studios, Rajshri Productions, AVM Films, Gemini Studio, G.P. Sippy Production, etc are some of the most popular film production companies of Indian Cinema but Yash Raj Film Studios is unarguably the Number 1 State-of-the-art Film Studios in India. What started as a Film Production Company, in the past 50…

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Parineeti Chopra Has Triple Honors In Business, Finance And Economics From Manchester Business School, London! – Part 6

Contemporary Bollywood actresses are generally qualified with a few exceptions’. Many actresses have acquired education from some of the best universities in the world. For instance, Soha Ali Khan, the beautiful daughter of cricket star Nawab Pataudi and film actress Sharmila Tagore studied Modern History at Balliol College, Oxford and then gained a Master’s Degree in International Relations from London…

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Hindi Cinema’s Romantic Films

Hindi cinema’s genres are very loosely defined, with almost all films having a central romantic theme. It’s not just the romantic melodramas, the romcoms, the romantic action films… The typical story and structure of a Bollywood romance is that a beautiful man and woman meet, take some time to fall in love, then an unexpected crisis brings us to the…

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Top 10 Romantic Films Of Bollywood

The history of Bollywood Romantic Movies is very old. Hindi film industry has completed 114 years in 2017. On 21st April 1913, the first Hindi film Raja Harishchandra, which was a silent film was actually a romantic Bollywood film, since then, this has become one of the popular genres among the filmmakers and the audience. If you go back to…

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