The decline of Bollywood Music

The Decline Of Bollywood Music – Part 4

Golden Era music convened sensual effect through flowery poetry

It is not that sensual and arousing numbers were not used in films of the Golden Era but the fact is poets had command over language hence they used such flowery language that it beautifully and aesthetically conveyed the meaning without being crude and vulgar.

Eminent poet Sahir Ludhianvi was known as the most brilliant poet whom the government of India applauded and bestowed him with Padma Shri. Truly he was a master of soulful poetry like Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon (Kabhi Kabhi), Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya… (Hum Dono), Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par Who Kahan Hain... (Pyaasa), etc… However, despite penning such heart-rendering songs Sahir also wrote seductive and sensual songs. He was not at the rear of others but the only difference (and the ‘finest’) he restricted his words within limits of ethics like his sexy number: Jaagi Badan Mein Jwala Piya Tune Kya Kar Dala…(Izzat) Unfortunately, today the same lyric is framed with ugly and putrid poetry that goes: Chad Gaya Upar Re… or take Sahir sahab’s romantic number — Choo Lene Do Nazuk Hotoon Ko… depicting the hero’s yearn for a ‘kiss’ expressed passionately in flowery words whereas today’s ‘Bold’ lyricist describe the same act with cheap and open words – Jumma Chumma De De… And last but not the least, there was a time when female beauty was defined with exceptional stanzas like Chaudhavin Ka Chand Ho… or Chandan Sa Badan Chanchal Chitwan…or Tareef Karon Kya Uski… Alas! Today poetry has degraded so low that the result is plain crassness with poets describing female beauty with disgraceful and obscene words like Tu Cheez Badi Hain Mast Mast or Kya Body Hain Kya Bumper Hai

A look at these three songs below explains that the key reason behind the decline in music is poor lyrics. In the past lyricist wrote songs like Nanne Munne Bacche Teri Muthi Mein Kya Hai… (Boot Polish -1954) but with changing times, lyricist wrote – Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai… (Khalnayak – 1994). In the praise of a lady poets wrote Lagja Gale Ke Phir Yeh Haseen Raat…(Who Kaun Thi – 1964) but alas the same romance became cheap and vulgar with modern songs like Sarkaiylo Khatiya Jaada Lage…(Raja Babu -1994)!!!

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