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The ‘Exceptional’ Mothers Of Bollywood – Part 6

Mother’s character in Bollywood has been generally restricted to a sober and self-sacrificing lady, however, with a few exceptional characters like Nargis in Mother IndiaNirupa Roy in Deewaar and Rakhee in Ram Lakhan, Indian Film History (IFH) hereunder select few out-of-the-box and most powerful mother characters ever written in Bollywood.

The characters that top the list is unarguably the most authoritative character of Queen Sivagami in Baahubali played effectively South Indian actress Ramya Krishnan. The beauty of the character is an equal balance that Sivagami maintains as a queen and mother. As a queen, she is astute and valiant while as a mother she is poignant and loving. She has no bias for her sons, one her own and other her step-son. In fact, even when it comes for ruling the throne, both are given a fair challenge in their fight for the crown. Sivagami, as a woman underlines that motherhood is about treating each child with love and respect while the ruling the country is all about intelligence and courage.

Sridevi, the most gorgeous and talented actress played a verity of women-centric roles in her entire career but her last film Mom presented her in the role of an exceptional mother. In the film, she played a step-mom with a difference. Unlike the traditional cruel step-mom, Sridevi in Mom is a caring and loving mother. Her love for her stepdaughter is so compassionate that she kills the rapist who rapes her daughter using her brilliance and her shrewdness. The film also hits at our helpless judicial system and the need to make our country safer for the ladies.

Stylish icon and beauty personified Rekha played the role of a mother with a difference. Unlike the tear shedding mother, she takes the image of Goddess Kali and avenges her killer in Rakesh Roshan‘s hit film Khoon Bhari Maang ( 1988). In this film, Rekha played a wealthy widow with two children. However, she is conned by a handsome and dashing youth. He dupes her by wedding her and a later he cunningly kills her by throwing in a lake filled with the crocodiles. Later he tries to inherit her wealth but Rekha is rescued and how she takes revenge and takes care of her children formed an intense climax. Rekha’s dialogue in the film  -“Tune Maryam ka daaman aur Sita ki gaud dekhi hai… Durga aur Kali ka roop nahi dekha…. encapsulates the other side of a mother who can go wild to protect her children.

Vidya Balan is indeed one of the best actresses of contemporary cinema. She proved her versatility in many films like The Dirty Picture, Parineeta, Paa, etc. She gave another power-packed performance in Kahaani 2 (2017). In this film she played a mother who faces a number of hurdles to give a new life to her paralyzed teenage daughter. The beauty of Vidya Balan’s role in the film is that her daughter is adopted yet she fights all out to make her life a bed of roses.

Few other films that treated mother’s role differently include Jaya Prada in Maa, Zohra Sehgal in Cheeni Kum, Ratna Pathak Shah in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Tabu in Haider, Rekha in Koi Mil Gaya, etc.

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