Hindi Film     Social,     01 Jan 1949

Barsaat a 1949 film directed and produced by Raj Kapoor is about two friends Pran ( Raj Kapoor) and Gopal ( Premnath) travelling in a convertible on the Indian country roads where on one of such rides their car breaks down near a village called Satpur and the two friends have to rest there for a few days. 

 In the village Gopal meets Neela ( Nimmi) and Pran meets Reshma ( Nargis). Both the friends fall in love with the girl they meet. Gopal has a character of a Casanova has no qualms of leaving Neela and going after other women while Pran feels committed to Reshma and cannot get her out of his mind.  The two friends leave the village and promise to return during the monsoons.

 Once in the city  Pran is unable to make up his mind to return to Reshma while Gopal goes back to his Casanova ways and prefers the company of two dancing girls Lily and Ruby, both not realising that Neela is on the verge of killing herself after anxiously waiting for Gopal's return and Reshma is set to be married off to a Bholu an uncouth fisherman.

 The story is about two friends with contrasting beliefs on love , one who is waiting for the Miss Right while the other is a callous philanderer . Both eventually realise their true love but not without facing the consequences and trials that leads them to anguish as the story unfolds and finally the two friends unite with their lovers.

Barsaat was one of the first major hit films directed by Raj Kapoor and its success helped him to buy the RK Studio in 1950 and was a debut film of Nimmi   .