Hindi Film     Horror,     06 May 2016

The horror film is based on the life of Shivangi, princess of a Rajasthan royal house (in Sikar),  living in London with her husband Kunwar Veer Singh. They are happy  until one day when Veer develops a minor illness that flares up into a disease shriveling his body and shrinking his head.
Veer is hospitalized and his symptoms worsen - his body begins he begins talking  in strange languages. The doctors say no cure available. Shivangi is frightened; Veer is just not the same and Shivangi's maid, Kesar Ma,  calls it black magic.
 Kesar Ma thinks it is because Veer's father, the King, had two wives and the second wife wanted Veer, the heir, out of the way. In Rajasthan. Shivangi  visits an exorcist for Veer's condition. This exorcist attempts to confront the witch by entering the other (through a mirror) but is soon thrown out, too powerless for the witch. The exorcist refers the King to the spiritual master , Mewar Baba, also known as Jai Singh Gujjar.
Shivangi shudders on hearing about Jai. She was in love with Jai some years ago. Her uncle saw them together and tried to blackmail the helpless and beautiful Shivangi into sleeping with him. Jai stepped in between and fought off the uncle who promptly reported the matter to the King. Jai was charged with attempted murder. Shivangi stood as witness against Jai and he was sent to jail for five years. Now Shivangi has come back to ask Jai to help her save her husband. Jai flatly refuses but Shivangi pleads and persuades him. Jai finally agrees to come to London.
 Jai investigates the matter and discovers that Veer's troubles began upon receiving a strange amulet as a gift from an unknown admirer in Rajasthan. The amulet transmitted the witch demon into Veer. Jai prepares Shivangi into reciting a spiritual chant to bind the witch to their mansion so Jai can throw the locket into the river Thames, thereby freeing Veer. Shivangi maintains the chant over the  and Jai finishes the job. But it is revealed that the amulet and the witch were actually dispatched by Jai. As Jai prepares to leave London, Shivangi confronts him. Jai admits his vengeance saying that he wanted Veer dead.
Shivangi reveals why she had betrayed him many years ago. When their affair was revealed the King had ordered Jai killed. Shivangi begged for his life and it was granted for the price of her betrayal. Now guilty and dismayed, Jai resolves to stay in London and free Veer from the witch and does so.
  Some weeks later, Veer and Shivangi find the letter of correspondence between Jai and his master. Jai had offered his soul so Veer could be freed. The film 1920 London is a   supernatural horror film.