Anaarkali of Aarah

Hindi Film     Drama,     24 Mar 2017

Anaarkali of Aarah is a movie that starts with the flashback of a girl singing at a wedding while her mother watches her dance and sing. A drunk person misbehaves with her and is shot at.

12 years later, that little girl is known as Anaarkali  of Aarah (Swarna Bhaskar) who is now  the dancer who entertains people with her double meaning songs. She is a confident, crafty, witty and maintain a sense of dignity of which people are well aware.
Anaarkali is dedicated to her working partner Rangeela (Pankaj Tripathi) who is also her closest friend. Her life changes when a pervert Vice Chancellor  Chauhan (Sanjay Mishra) molest her and she goes to teach him a lesson. She slaps him and her manager asks her to apologize but instead she goes to the police station to lodge a complaint.
 Police inspector Chulbul Pandey Vijay Kumar refuses to do so and instead  arrests her on charges of prostitution. From then onwards she is not at peace and is harassed by the Vice Chancellor and the police officer.
 With her friend Anwar (Mayur More) Anarkali goes to Delhi and struggles to record a song and make a living and change her life. But she is tracked down here and arrested too and finally she has to give up to the vice chancellor Dharmender Chauhan and her life ends up as a street dancer.