Hindi Film     Drama,     17 Feb 2017

Irada is a film that gives a message on environmental hazard, thus it is an eco-thriller movie. ( Naseeruddin Shah)  Parabjit Walia an army officer loves his only daughter Riya (Rumana Molla). He is totally shattered when his daughter is diagnosed with terminal illness - cancer . He then discovers on finding out more deeper that people in Punjab are dying of the contaminated water supplied by the township. He is joined in his mission by Intelligence Officer Arjun Mishra  (Arshad Warsi). The villians are the famous industrialist Paddy Sharma (Sharad Kelkar) and the Chief Minister Divya Dutta are seen trying to cover up the mysterious bomb blast. Activist Anirudh Datta has evidence against Paddy Sharma and therefore is killed ruthlessly. His girlfriend Maya now wants to expose the chief minister and the pharmaceutical company to take revenge. Sarabjit Walia is heartbroken with his daughters death which is caused from this chemical leaks into the water. He is a writer and goes after paddy Sharma with his remarks on social media. Every home has a cancer patient and to offer treatment a cancer train is there by the locals because it transports scores of people from Bathinda Punjab to Bikaner Rajasthan for treatment. The corrupt system is tried to be exposed.