Jolly LLB 2

Hindi Film     Drama,     10 Feb 2017

The story is about Jagdishwar Mishra a.k.a lawyer (Akshay Kumar ) a Lucknow-based clumsy lawyer works as an assistance to a famous lawyer Rizvi Saheb (Munshi). In order to arrange money to buy his own chambers, Jolly manages to convince a pregnant lady Heena(Sayani Gupta) who lost her husband in a fake encounter, to give two lakh as fees to Rizvi Saheb to fight her case. She agrees to give him the money but Jolly uses it to pay the final payment for the chambers. Heena comes to know that Jolly bluffed her and commits suicide. Everyone blames Jolly even his own father for Heena's death.
Now filled with guilt Jolly with his wife Pushpa (Huma Qureshi) and fellow lawyer Birbal(Rajiv Gupta) decides to fight the case and files a PIL. On the wedding day of Heena and Iqbal (Manav Kaul), Iqbal was encounter by Inspector Suryaveer Singh (Kumur Mishra)who also shot constable Bhadouriya in his thigh to show that the encounter was real. Bhadouriya died due to loss of blood.
 Inspector had to hire a  lawyer Pramod Mathur(Annu Kapoor) to fight his case. Jolly is able to get FIR copy and papers with the help of a bookie Guruji (Sanjay Mishra) in Varanasi and pay him ₹ 5lakhs. He is able to track Ram Kurma Bhadouriya 's son who died in the encounter. However in the court during a heated argument Jolly slaps Mathur.
Court orders a narco test of Ram Kurma. Jolly is attacked by two henchman send by Inspector Singh but is hit with two bullets. Singh is suspended by the department. Advocate Mathur tampers with the narco test video by giving a bribe and proves Jolly wrong in the court.
Jolly's license as a lawyer  is challenged but later Chairman of Discipline Committee Rizvi Sahab gives Jolly four days to prove himself correct.
From given evidence like photos Jolly gets to know that a Kashmiri police officer came for the wedding of Heena and Iqbal to identify the terrorist. Jolly travels to Kashmir to meet the constable Fahim Butt, who is suspended and is caught in a fake case.The constable revels the the person who was encounter was not a terrorist and is ready to give his statement in the court. Jolly manages to bring the constable to Lucknow to prove Iqbal was not a real terrorist. 
Jolly also convinces police commissioner to tell the truth otherwise he will file a PIL against all the encounters he has done. Advocate Mathur tries his best to avoid the constable giving the statement. He creates a tussle in the court room by insulting the judge.The proceedings carry on till midnight, Jolly gets a Brahmin Pandit to the court claiming that he is the real terrorist and has been arrested by police in Mathura. Jolly cross question the pandit about Hindu Vedas in deep which he is unable to answer. He  is the real terrorist Mohammad Iqbal Quadri. Judge then declares Iqbal Quasim innocent and orders the arrest of the terrorist and Suryaveer Singh in given life imprisonment for committing murder, erasing evidence, and misguiding the court.
 Jolly a street smart layer now wins the case and walks out of the court with the family, everyone praising him.