Hindi Film     Drama, Thriller,     25 Jan 2017

Kaabil is a crime drama film. The story revolves around Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) a kind young man who has been blind since birth and works as a voice over artist for a living. Through a common friend he is introduced to Supriya Sharma (Yami Gautam) a working independent girl, who is also blind. They fall in love and get married.


One night on the way back home Amit Shellar (Rohit Roy )a local gangster and younger brother of a well-known politician Mahadavrao Shellar( Ronit Roy ) and his friend Wasim misbehaves with a couple. Next morning Amit and his friends sneak into their house and gang rape Supriya. Rohan informs the police, who advise him to get his wife medical examined within 24 hours, to prove the assault. While they are on their way to the hospital they are kidnapped and captive for 36 hours. Thus the medical report proves to be a lie from the police.

  A few days later, Rohan finds Supriya hanging from the ceiling fan after he returns from work this breaks him down. Rohan comes to know that Supriya was raped twice, so he reports to the police officer. Rohan challenges him that he would take revenge, and officer Chaubey will not be able to do anything as they will not find any proof.

Rohan plans his revenge using his voice modulation skills. First he invites Wasim, by tricking him. He frames Amit by leaving a handkerchief of his name near the body of hanging Wasim.  He then invites him to the warehouse where he burns him in an explosion where his wife and he were kept captive.

 Chaubey suspects Rohan for both the murders and keeps him on house arrest. Rohan manages to escape with help of a friend and calls Madhavrao to an under construction building. Rohan kills him making it look like a suicide. With no evidence against Rohan the police have no proof of all three crimes committed by a blind man for the revenge of his wife’s rapists.