Ki and Ka

Hindi Film     Comedy,     01 Apr 2016

Ki and Ka -  The story is about a highly motivated and career driven woman Kia (Kareena Kapoor) who wants to become successful in the business world instead of just getting into the traditional fate of being a housewife. She meets Kabir(Arjun Kapoor) on a flight to Delhi from Chandigarh. Kabir is the  son of a successful builder (Rajit Kapoor) and has no interest in joining the father's business, instead he wishes to be a 'house husband inspired by his mother a successful housewife.

Kia and Kabir meet up in Delhi and spend time knowing each other's lifestyle. Kia feels Kabir fits perfectly in her life to fulfil her wish to be on top in the corporate world and also she learns that he has no interest in his father's business and wealth.

They both get married and Kabir takes over the household affairs where as Kia is the bread winner with progress in her career getting generous promotions. Kabir comes to know that the rented house they stay is on sale so to own it he starts working as an instructor in a gym.

During an interview Kia talks about her unusual marriage of her husband's role in the household.This impresses the interviewer who wishes to meet Kabir. While interviewing Kabir who talks about Gender Equality says there is no difference for the husband to look after the house while the wife earns a living in today's modern marriage.This interview becomes a success and Kabir is asked to give some more seminars.This makes him busy which effects the house work and Kia is upset about the popularity and recognition her husband gets.

Thus they argue and Kia stops him from giving public appearances. Kia travels to U.S. for a job. Kabir who stays behind gets to attend his college reunion party where his friend pressurises him to give another interview.This broadcast is watched by Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan on T.V. Jaya organises a meeting with Kabir at their home and is impressed by listening their story.

Kia is upset when she learns that Kabir had given another interview and  condemns him for gaining fame on using her name and their relationship.Kia puts him down that without much work he is getting fame but her career is going unnoticed. Dejected Kabir leaves for Chandigarh. Kia gets hold of a gift given by Jaya Bachchan along with the letter saying 'a man to maintain the house is rather brave choice but to be the wife of such a man is even harder choice. Her mother explains her that jealousy is the main cause of a broken marriage which she should not get into. 

Kia realises that she was unfair to Kabir and apologise for her behaviour. The couple compromise and reunite. Kabir's father is already impressed by Kia's business intelligence and planning decides to make her the CEO of his company.