Hindi Film     Action, Thriller,     25 Jan 2017

A crime thriller film in which Shahrukh Khan portrays the role of Raees. Living in Fatepur Gujarat, Raees knows the value of money since childhood and so gets involved in illegal liquor trade, snuggling alcohol to Gujarat a dry state by bribing the police. He believes that every job is good and no religion is greater than any job, till it does not harm anyone. Raees meets Musabhai and Nawab in Mumbai and starts his bootlegging business. (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) Majmudar an honest policeman who wants to end this illegal liquor trade.  Raees who is in love with Aasiya proposes to her and gets married. Raees constantly finds ways to dodge Majmudar who continues to gather intelligence about him. The officer gets transferred from Fatehpur to Kutch. Raees is always helping the needy and so has many followers. He is offered by the CM to remove illegal occupants from a land to construct housing project. Majumdar is transferred to the control room department from where he constantly keeps listening to Raees's telephonic conversations and thus knows his trade secrets.

 Raees goes to jail with the CM advice as part of his election campaign but once he realises he has been betrayed, he stands for elections from the jail and wins. Communal riots break out in the state. Raees distributes free food to all communities. His dream project of housing the poor who had trusted him with their money comes to a standstill. Musa offers him money, by offering him an assignment to smuggle gold from Doha. Police investigation lead to Raees that RDX was smuggled with the gold, killing several people in serial bomb blast. Raees is shattered knowing this and goes and kills Musa for betraying him. He decides to surrender and comes with the press. Majumdar arrest him and takes him to an isolated place.  The officer finally shoots Raees and as he falls, he experiences a flashback of his entire life.