Running Shaadi

Hindi Film     Romantic, Comedy,     17 Feb 2017

This story revolves around three  characters Ram Bharose, (Amit Sadh) Sarabjit (Arsh Bajwa) and Nimmi  (Taapsee Pannu ). Bharose works in a shop name Singh and Singh and his friend Sarabjit also call cyberjeet dreams of creating another Facebook, and Nimmi is the daughter of a wedding garment shop owner. During school days Nimmi gets pregnant and ask Bharosa for help, while Cyberjeet create fake application for sports which she uses to go out of town for a night. Bharosa acts like her husband and she gets an abortion done. 
Bharosa loses his job, his uncle wants him to get married to his friends daughter Neha. Bharose and Cyberjeet create a website for needy couples to elope and they manage to help 49 couples successfully. 
Nimmi then informs them that her father has got to know about her abortion and intends to get her married. She wants Bharosa to help to elope with Shunty but actually she was always interested in Bharosa. He is shocked  and ask  Nimmi to return to her family but its too late as  the family has followed her to her aunts house. They begin shooting at her, Bharosa looks after her and they are chased by the family, to Dalhousie and then to Patna to Bharosa uncle's place. Here he meets Neha his bride-to-be who has a boyfriend with whom she she wants to get married. Nimmi and Bharose help Neha to elope.   Finally Bharosa decides to confront Nimmi's family and  get married with their consent.