Teraa Surroor

Hindi Film     Love / Romance, Action,     11 Mar 2016

Teraa Surroor is an action drama film about a gangster Raghu (Reshammiya) whose girlfriend Tara  Wadia (Farah Karimaee) a singer who lives with her mother. One day Raghu confesses before Tara that he had spent a night with a prostitute.Tara gets disappointed and decides to leave him.

She goes to Dublin where she gets detained at the airport for carrying drugs.Tara calls Raghu for help who hires a lawyer to rescue Tara by getting bail for her. The bail is refused by the judiciary of Dublin.Then Raghu makes a plan to get her out of jail with the help of Robin "Bird" (Dharmaraj Santino), who is an expert in fleeing prisoners from jail. Robin briefs him about his plan and procedure from removing the girl out of jail before the entire city locks down the doors by an automatic system.

Raghu's plan for Tara and escape from the police form the rest of the story. Raghu finds the culprit behind the crime and is shocked that it is Haider a close friend of Tara who wanted to trap Raghu to take revenge. Raghu kills him and reunites with Tara the love of his life.