Hindi Film     Thriller,     17 Mar 2017

The story is about Shaurya (Rajkumar Rao) who plays the lead role in the film. He has a girlfriend Noorie (Geetanjali Thapa) and they plan to get married.  Her marriage has been arranged with someone else and therefore they decide to elope. Shaurya is living in the boys hostel and therefore needs to shift to a new flat. To find an affordable house, he  moves into a new high rise Apartment Complex which is empty due to the builder and legal problems. The only security guard is positioned at the entrance of the  building and he too  is unaware that Shaurya has already shifted in. Noorie too does not know his new address.
Next morning,  Shaurya while rushing about accidentally locks himself inside his own apartment. Unfortunately  the apartment has no electricity and his phone has run out of battery before he can call for help. In vain he even tries to break the lock. 
Shaurya is totally disconnected from the outside world and has to survive without food, water and electricity. To his relief it rains and collects water for drinking. Having no food he survive eating ants cockroaches and pigeons.
In a final attempt, he escapes from jumping out of the balcony, climbing down 5 floors and reaches a floor with no balcony gate and finally escapes the building where he was trapped.  
Shaurya is rushed to the hospital, as he faints due to weakness. One week later he is visited by his girlfriend Noorie  who informs him  that she has got married as she thought that he  had left her. Shattered by the incident Shaurya tries to return to his normal life and also notices that no one has even  missed him while he was trapped.