Naam Shabana

Hindi Film     Action, Thriller,     31 Mar 2017

An action spy thriller, the story is about intelligence agent (Manoj Bajpai) Ranveer Singh following an international arms dealer (Prithviraj Sukumaran) Mikhail. His two agents following Mikhail get killed by him while he escapes.  (Taapsee Pannu) Shabana Khan a college student who is a Judo fighter, is being followed by the Indian agency to recruit her.
 When she is out on a date with (Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala) Jai he confesses his love to her.  She reveals her past that she was kept in Juvenile detention institution for killing her father who used to physically assault her mother.
 On their way home on the bike, Jai gets killed by four drunken men in a jeep were who teasing Shabana.
Soon after that  an unknown caller wants to know if she wants to avenge  her lovers death and in return she is asked to join a secret agency. She agrees and with the help of the agents she is able to kill three of  them. She then  goes to Goa for the main culprit. She kills him and escapes with the help of Ajay (Akshay Kumar).
  Shabana now knows the caller  is  Ranveer Singh and  is then recruited as an agent on trial basis, as she has to be trained and fit for fighting. 
Meanwhile Mikhail is being followed by many Intelligence agencies.
 His right hand Tony is tracked down by three agents. He reveals to them that a German doctor has surgically changed Michael's face. Ranveer comes to know that Mikhail is planning  another plastic surgery and this time he sends Shabana after him.
 With the help of Ajay and (Anupam Kher) Om Prakash she disguises herself as a patient. In the hospital she manages to deal with Tony and kill Michael. Finally Shabana escapes with Ajay's help  again from the police.

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The Baby Spin-off ' Naam Shabana' will showcase the making of female Undercover agent.

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