Hindi Film     Romanc, Comedy,     24 Mar 2017

Phillauri is a Hindi fantasy romantic comedy film in which (Suraj Sharma) Kanan returns from Canada to marry his girlfriend Annu (Mehreen Pirzada). Since he is a Manglik born under an unlucky star, he has to get married to a tree before actually getting married. Reluctantly he marries the tree which is chopped  down after the ceremony. From then onwards he is haunted by the spirit of Shashi (Anushka Sharma) who lived in that tree and now is married to him, according to her. 
Flashback reveals Shashi in her previous birth story, always read the work of a poet Phillauri .The villagers knew that these poems are written by Roop Lal (Diljit Dosanjh) the singer whom they love to hear. Roop Lal tell Shashi he is the poet of Phillauri by narrating one of the famous poems. He is shocked when she slap him and tell him to do something useful  for his country's independence. This changes his life. One day Shashi overhears him singing Phillauri's poem, after which she tells him that she is the actual poet. Eventually they fall in love but Shashi's brother objects, as Roop Lal was a good for nothing and an alcoholic. He admits and promises he will record all the songs in Amritsar and return and marry Shashi. He makes money and writes back promising to return on baisakhi  day to marry Shashi. Her brother is convinced and marriage preparation start. On the wedding day Shashi comes to know that she is pregnant but tells this only to her friend (Nidhi Bisht). She waits anxiously for Roop Lal with her relatives but there is no trace of him. Her brother is embarrassed sending guests away and she in shame and hurt at being betrayed commits suicide by hanging herself from a tree.
Now in the present story Kanan is confused with Shashi's spirit following him and Annu his girlfriend feels he is not interested in marrying her. Shashi therefore reveals her presence to Annu who now understands why her spirit is still stuck. 
Kanan and Annu take Shashi to Jallianwala Bagh massacre where her spirit reunites with her lover Roop Lal, who was actually killed on baisakhi day in the massacre.