30 Days

Released On - 24 Sep 2004    

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In Ramgarh picnic cottage strange things have been reported. When a college student who is on vacation, enters the cottage and mysteriously disappears, Inspector Vijay is assigned the case to look into it. The DCP tells him to report back to him in 30 days about the case. However when inspector Mukesh Dubey hears of the cottage he flatly refuses to assist Vijay as he has heard many stories of the cottage being haunted by an evil spirit of a girl named Shalu. Many police constables too shiver with the name of the cottage and would rather lose their jobs then enter the place.


Over the next couple of days, more disappearances are reported. An occult investigator Robert is called on the job to investigate the spirit. Inspector Vijay is nearing the end of 30 days and still has no clue how to solve the mysterious case. Now he has no choice but to put his own life on the line. The movie is written and directed by Ravi Sinha and produced by Dheerubhai, A K Sharma and S Sharma. The music is composed by Krishnendu Das. The cinematography is by Manish K Vyas and choreography is by Dinesh Balraj.