31st October

Released On - 21 Oct 2016     1hr 49min

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31st October
Indian Film History
31st October
Indian Film History
31st October
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Umeed Babbu Maan 3 Lyrics 2 : 33
2 Yaqeen Mohammad Salamat 3 Lyrics 2 : 31
3 Andhere Asha Bhosle 3 Lyrics 2 : 30
4 Maula Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan 3 Lyrics 2 : 30
5 Chalo Geet Umeed Ka Javed Ali 3 Lyrics 2 : 30
6 Rabb De Bande Harshdeep Kaur 3 Lyrics 2 : 30

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Based on true events, 31st October shows the aftermath of PM Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the unrest that followed.

It seems to be just another normal day for everyone in India and our Prime Minister Indira Gandhi until she gets brutally attacked and assassinated in broad daylight. The more shocking part seems to be that her very own Sikh bodyguards who were employed to protect her from harm did it.


After the news of her murder spreads far and wide, the ravenous and conniving politicians use this as a very easy bait to cause unrest in the country against the Sikh community. People start loathing Sikhs especially in the capital city of Delhi where the incident occurred.


Meanwhile Davinder Singh, played by Vir Das and his wife Tajinder, played by Soha Ali Khan are trapped in their own house as the city is falling apart from hatred against their community. With violence and brutality all around and no hope in sight, the desperate family seeks help from their neighboring Hindu friends. As the family comes to their aid they witness the evil and ruthless side of humanity.


31st October is directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil and produced by Harry Sachdeva. The music is composed by Vijay Verma and Milind Gaba.