Released On - 15 Apr 2009     2hr 20min

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Sachin, played by Kunal Khemu and Zaramud, played by Cyrus Broacha are two crooks who sell duplicate sim cards to a closed circle of clients. One day they break their code and sell a sim card to someone outside of the group. This leads to the man generating a bill or Rs. 9,00,000. The original owner of the sim card alerts the police and phone company. Sachin and Zaramud go on the run after destroying their equipment. They get into an unattended car, but unfortunately get into an accident, yet escape unharmed. But the badly damaged car belongs to a bookie named AGM, played by Mahesh Manjarekar.


He asks the duo to either pay up the damages or work at his beck and call till they are capable of paying him. Left with no choice they agree. They prepare a list of people who owe money to AGM, on top of the list is Rahul, played by Boman Irani who had lost a cricket bet and owes him Rs 20,00,000. AGM sends Sachin and Zaramud to get the money from Rahul. But turns out Rahul already has a lot of debts on him and tells them that he would pay soon. He then gets a money transfer of USD 50,000 to be converted into INR. He hides the money in his briefcase, which gets stole. The burglar unable to find any money dumps the briefcase at a salesman godown.


Later Sachin and Zaramud get a bag full of money and give it to AGM and promises to never bother them again. The movie is directed by Raj and D.K and produced by Anupam Mittal and Aditya Sashtri. The music is composed by Shamir Tandon and Ashutosh Pathak.