A Scandall

Released On - 24 Jun 2016     2hr 36min

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A Scandall
Indian Film History
A Scandall
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Labon Se Laga Sukriti Kakar, Jubin Nautiyal 5 Lyrics 3 : 55
2 Long Night Shivangi Bhayana, Ikka Singh 4 Lyrics 4 : 00

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A Scandall is based on a host of paranormal activities and hallucinations that a father sees after the shock and tragedy of his deceased daughter. This thriller is directed and written by Ishan Shrivedi. Amjad Nadeem, Ikka-Arko and Bapi-Tutul compose the movie’s music.


Kuhu is a cheerful 9-year-old girl, who by a freak accident drowns in a nearby lake in Nainital. Her father unable to save her is miserable. Later her father Manav, played by Manav Kaul has a horrible incident where he accidentally falls off a cliff but survives. There on Manav sees strange visions and hallucinations. He even sees his dead daughter and tries to communicate with her.


Meanwhile Vidhu, played by Johnny Baweja completes his course in filmmaking and hears this intriguing story of from his girlfriend Koya, played by Reet Mazumdar, about her uncle and his paranormal sightings. He decides to capture it in his camera for a movie. They decide to go to Manav’s house to install a camera, which will record all the strange happenings in the house. What they shockingly discover later is a very mysterious side of her uncle they never knew before.