Released On - 23 Nov 1987     2hr 16min

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Anjali is brought up in a rich household, and is gravely protected by her father. She however doesn’t like to be stifled into this life and wants to enjoy her freedom. She thus takes up a job as a journalist with Rs 600 a month. She is happy to help solve cases and find news about everything. One day while investigating a piece of news, Anjali happens to meet  a boy named Akshay who has been looking for his lost sister for months. She falls for his innocence and the fact that he is incapable of doing anything by himself. She thus Helps him out and he clings on to her for emotional and moral support. Meanwhile Anjali’s marriage is arranged to a doctor named Sumeet, who despises Akshay’s existence in her life and will do anything to get rid of him.


The film is directed by Mahesh Bhatt and produced by Kuljit Pal. The music is composed by Chitra and Jagjit Singh. The star cast includes Raj Babbar, Anamika Pal, Marc Zuber and Raj Kiran.