Bachpan Ek Dhokha

Released On - 06 Feb 2015     1hr 57min

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Bachpan Ek Dhokha
Indian Film History

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Nicole, played by Padmini Kolhapure is happily married to Nicolas, played by Monish Behl. The middle class Christian couple has 4 healthy and clever children who include 17 year old Nick, 16 year old Nancy and 6 year old twins Ness and Nikki. They are a seemingly happy go lucky family, tight knit family until one day tragedy strikes them. Nicolas passes away unexpectedly leaving behind huge amounts of debts for Nicole to pay off.


Unable to fathom the loss, Nicole decides to go and stay with her parents for a while with the kids. The older kids Nick and Nancy are too reluctant to go away leaving their home but sensing it might be the right thing to do temporarily they agree. Once they reach the their grandparents house they are in awe of the magnitude of the place. It is a huge palatial house with plenty of room for them all to stay comfortably. Elated the group start living there.


Their happiness doesn’t last long here either as they find themselves strangely confined in one corner of the house. They later learn it is their grandmother with the help of her butler and man Friday who has put the 4 children in captivity. They wonder what could be the motive and if their mother knew this all along when she brought them here to stay.


The suspense thriller is directed by Rajiv Sharma and produced by Manish, Kashish and Anish Aggarwal. The music is composed by Gourav Das Gupta.