Barsaat Ki Ek Raat

Released On - 20 Feb 1981     2hr 24min

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Barsaat Ki Ek Raat
Indian Film History

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Barsaat Ki Ek Raat is 1981 released romantic film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhee, Amjad Khan and Utpal Dutt.  Directed by Shakti Samanta, the film was made in two languages, Hindi and Bengali and adapted from the Bengali novel, Anushandhan by Shaktipada Raajguru.


The film starts in a small village in Darjeeling where Sahuji(Utpal Dutt) is at the heights of his corruption in every form.. He is a fabric merchant and is into smuggling of goods across the border. Everyone in the local business right from the jewelers to the local police are a part of his woven web wherein he is known to supply inferior quality and giving bribes.   While the father Sahuji is spreading corruption his wicked son Kaaliram(Amjad Khan) has been ruling the small village by terrorizing the people at the local bars, beats up mercilessly and gets away with every injustice he bestows including kidnapping young married girls for his night merriment.     When the girls parents raise their voice and demand justice he sets their house on fires. The local police do not pay heed to the cries from the people.  

Kaaliram and his thugs come across Abhitjit(Amitabh Bachchan) who is not aware of Kaali’s mal practices and the bad reputation.    Abhijit has no hesitation to fight against Kaaliram and thus invites trouble by becoming his enemy.   In the mean time Abhijit who is new in the village falls in love with Rajni(Rakhee) the blind daughter of Boro Babu(Abhi Bhattacharya) the bank manger who has been going through a tough time at the hands of Kaaliram.   On a rainy night which is the base of the film Kaali molests Rajni but Abhijit arrives on time and rescues her and shows his through identity. He is none other than a very senior police inspector sent there on a mission to capture Kaaliram. He throws Kaaliram into the jail and suspends the corrupt police officers who were working for Kaali.

Abhijit and Rajni get married and are happily settled in a quaint town of Sonarpur when Kaali gets a release from the jail and gets to know the whereabouts of Abhijit and his family. He makes a fake call to send Abhijit and in his attempt to kidnap a pregnant Rajni,  he attacks her and kills her unborn child.    Abhijit is furious and ensures he teaches Kaali a lesson and while his father Sahuji tries to save him but ends up killing his wicked son Kaali. The film moves on with the couple trying to restart a new life .