Bumm Bumm Bole

Released On - 14 May 2010     2hr 5min

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Bumm Bumm Bole
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Title Singer Rating
1 Rang De Clinton Cerejo, Keerthi Sagathia, Shashaa Tirupati 3 Lyrics 5 : 3
2 Mann Ki Asha Malini Awasthi 3 Lyrics 3 : 39
3 Aashaon Ke Pankh Keerthi Sagathia, Kshitij Wagh, Rajiv Sundaresan, Rishikesh Kamerkar 5 Lyrics 4 : 50
4 Bumm Bumm Bole (Title) Shaan 3 Lyrics 2 : 36

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Bumm Bumm Bole is a 2010 children coming of age drama film directed by Priyadarsan with Darsheel Safary, Atul Kulkarni and Rituparno Sengupta in the main lead. The movie produced by actor director Sathish Kaushik is an authorized remake of the Iranian cult movie “Children of Heaven”.  The movie told the story of the little bits of happiness that two children find from their surroundings. 

Bumm Bumm Bole is the story of the two small children from a drastically poor family who can’t even afford to buy uniform or shoes for themselves. The narrative begins with the elder brother losing out his younger sisters only pair of shoes at a vegetable store while doing his daily chores and subsequently asking her not to tell her parents about the same. The children devise a plan whereby they can share his pair of shoes by making a schedule by which both of them would be able to use the shoe at times of their respective classes. The rest of the movie shows their effort to make some money to buy a new pair of shoes without the knowledge of their parents involving trying out jobs and his enrolling in a school marathon with hopes of the reward which leads to an eye wetting climax.