Chalo America

Released On - 01 Aug 1999     1hr 34min

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Three close friends Sunny, Akshay and Rajat seem to have had enough with their own country and want to migrate where there is abundance of employment, food, riches and overall freedom to do what they want. They feel India is too backward and underdeveloped and don’t want to waste any more of their time trying to make something out of nothing. Thus they decide to go to the US, where everything is modern and developed. They cannot get over the idea of becoming American citizens even after many failed attempts and being rejected left right and center. The movie shows the human side of being fascinated by farther lands and thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. The movie is a hilarious depiction of many Indians trying their luck to migrate abroad.


The movie is directed by Piyus Jha and produced by Kailash Koppikar. The music is composed by Charis Waz and the lyrics are written by Harshad Sharma. The star cast includes Ashish Chowdhry, Deven Bojwani, Mandar Shinde. The cinematography is by Sunil Patel. The story and screenplay is written by Piyush Jha.