Deewana Tere Naam Ka

Released On - 01 Jan 1987     2hr 30min

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Shankar and Shambhu have been close friends ever since they can remember and even live in the same house. Shankar ferries people to and fro in a boat while Shambhu chops trees for a living. Their personalities and hobbies are so much similar that they also end up falling in love with the same woman named Reshma. She however falls for Shankar and decides to marry him. Shambhu gets furious knowing all this and he breaks off all ties with his friend Shambhu and his mother. The Thakur’s son starts a motorboat ride and challenges Shankar to a race. The winner will be glorious but the loser will have to leave the town and never return.


The film is directed by Deepak Bahry and is produced by Gautam Bhatia. The music is composed by Raam Laxman. The star cast includes Mithun Chakraborty, Vijayeta Pandit, Danny Denzongpa, Jagdeep and Seema Deo.