Dehraadun Diary

Released On - 04 Jan 2013     1hr 51min

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Dehraadun Diary
Indian Film History

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Preeti, played by Ragini Nandwani is in love with Anshul, played by Rohit Bakshi. Preeti’s brothers Akhilesh and Vishesh aren’t very happy about her love as he is from a lower status. Anshul ignores them and continues his affair. This infuriates them and they murder him one night after a party. His tragedy stuck parents take his case to a top lawyer but due to lack of evidence and witnesses, the case isn’t very strong.


Preeti’s father being an MLA pressurizes witnesses thus Anshul’s death looks like an accident and not a muder. His father dies of grief and his brother stands by his mother to take matters in his own hands and get justice. Preeti is meanwhile sent to London to avoid her testifying. Anshul’s brother Aakash goes to London and tries to meet her but in vain. He then tells the judge she will testify and that her visa be withdrawn.


Preeti’s mother warns her of not bringing the family name down. Initially she denies even loving Anshul but later when the lawyer shows the judge the gifts Preeti gave Anshul, she breaks down and testifies against her brothers, thus getting them arrested and being awarded the life sentence. 

The movie is directed by Milind Ukey and produced by Anita Nandwani and Yatin Nadwani. The music is composed by Ripul Sharma.