Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara

Released On - 15 Oct 2004     2hr 0min

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Sanjay, Deepak and Vinod are close friends who are ambitious and have big dreams. While Sanjay runs a successful business, Vinod loves playing cricket and Deepak is a melodious singer. The three friends are doing well in their own fields and aspiring to find girls that will embrace their respective professions and love them for who they are. Luckily the trio find love in Neela, Sherry and Shree. They all get along well and are ready to tie the knot. However a big blunder is just realized.


Neela wanted to be with a cricketer but ends up with Sanjay who is a businessman, Sherry wanted to be with a singer but ends up with Cricketer Vinod and Shree wanted to tie the knot with a businessman but ends up with singer Deepak. There is chaos and confusion among the three girls and their respective bridegrooms. Meanwhile two notorious gangsters have targeted Vinod, Sajay and Deepak and want to have their three women for themselves.


The movie is directed by Onkar Nath Misra and produced by M C Pandey. The music is composed by Nikhil Vinay and the lyrics are written by Parveen Bhardwaj and Rajeshwar Mishra. The cinematography is by Suresh Suvarna and the choreography is by Dilip Mestry and Pony Verma.