Dozakh In Search Of Heaven

Released On - 20 Mar 2015     1hr 32min

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Dozakh In Search Of Heaven
Indian Film History

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Set in Varanasi, a Muslim priest is constantly at loggerheads with a Hindu priest. The Muslim cleric’s son, Janu however is fond of the Hindu priest, and have become friends, much to the grimace of the other cleric.


He has reprimanded and punished his several times but Janu has been relentless. 12 year old Janu has also enacted the role of Hanuman in the Hindu mythological play Ramayana which has infuriated his father.


Having lost his wife and Janu’s mother at a young age, the cleric is a little symphethetic towards his son. Janu at his mother’s funeral didn’t like the idea of her being buried and prefers the Hindu ritual of the ashes being scattered into Ganga.


Fed up with his father’s constant restrains, Janu has enough and runs away from home. His helpless father looks everywhere and fears the worst. He later gets a call from the police asking him to identify a boy’s body found in the Ganga river. Unfortunately his fears are turned into reality and he decides to cremate his son’s body following Hindu rituals and throws the ashes into the Ganga.


Dozakh In Search Of Heaven is directed  and produced by Zaigham Imam and the music is composed by Aman Pant.