Ek Din 24 Ghante

Released On - 07 Nov 2003     1hr 35min

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Sameera, played by Nandita Das is a happy go luck wild child who lives life on her own terms. She is mostly at loggerheads with her father for having opposing ideals and opinions. Things turn even worse when she falls in love with a man called Viren, played by Rahul Bose, who is a gambling addict and unfortunately owes Rs 2 million to a casino owner called Patel, who has threatened him with dire consequences. Seeing no other way out, Viren asks Sameera for help. She then turns to her dad, who refuses to lend her any. Sameera threatens to expose her father having a mistress who is pregnant with his child. Still he doesn’t budge and in desperation she holds a gun to his head.


Sameera’s father then hires hitmen to kill her and also informs the police about their actions. Meanwhile a strike breaks out in the city and Sameera makes sure the money reaches Patel anyhow to save Viren’s life. She somehow manages to escape her father’s hitmen and the police but an unfortunate event changes the course of her life forever. She happens to overhear Viren that he doesn’t love Sameera, he staged the whole drama only to get money from her father. Sameera comes out with a gun killing Viren and walks away silently.


The movie is directed by Anant Balani and produced by Devang Dholakia, Vijay Jindhal and Vivek Suchanti. The music is composed by Sanju Chakravarty. The cinematography is by Sanjay Nair.