Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga

Released On - 16 Jun 2006     2hr 10min

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Basheer, played by Sameer Kochar is a obsessive womanizer. He also is a habitual conman who seduces and has fun with women before he makes an escape never to be seen again. Three women who have been conned and taken advantage of by Basheer unite and hatch a plan to teach him a lesson he’’’ never forget. They drag him to court for all his wrong doings. But unfortunately, Basheer always is on his guard and does one up on them by proving his innocence.


Things get very complicated and almost impossible for the girls to prove Basheer guilty as he always has a strong alibi. Done with his philandering and manipulative ways, the women then take a drastic step by framing him in a fake murder case. Basheer is now lost and never expected them to come to this level but he has to think of a solution soon.


The movie is directed by T L V Prasad and produced by Ramesh Agarwal. The music is composed by Guruwant Raj and dialogues are written by Anoop Shrivastav. The cinematography is by Shankar Naidu Prabhakaran. The star cast includes Payal Rohatgi, Tanvi Verma, Mallika, Sangeeta Tiwari, Lavy Rohatgi, Razak Khan and Bobby Darling.