Fauj Mein Mauj

Released On - 01 Aug 2013     1hr 44min

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With a male dominated society, everything has always been as per what is more convenient for the males. The laws and rules are made by the male counter parts, as well as people in important and powerful positions are mostly males. In 2007, there was a slight change in this formula and the first woman defense minister was appointed, thus changing the whole system drastically.


As per the new female defense minister, there has to be women allowed in the ranks of the all-male infantry division. The idea shocked many. Women were not at all prepared for a change like this. Not many are willing to take this bold step, considering there will still be more percentage of males in the division.


One brave woman however, is willing to take the chance. She is crazy enough to enroll in an army full of men. That is the beautiful and vivacious Sunehri Dhanda, played by MAllika Sherawat. She is willing to give what it takes to join the ranks as it’s a matter of pride for her and her family to be in the armed forces. But how will she cope with all men around her. She has a plan for that too. The movie is directed by Murli Nagavalli and produced by Ravi Walia. The music is composed by Pritam Chakraborty. The other star cast includes Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Zakir Hussain, Tej Sapru, Sarat Saxena, Asrani and Lillete Dubey.