Released On - 12 Jan 2007     2hr 5min


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Radhika, played by Sharbani Mukherjee and Basu, played by Jyothika are close friends who study in the same college. Their friendship is famous throughout the college for being inseparable. They have a tiff with a girl called Geeta, played by Ishita Arun who they dislike and are always at loggergeads with. Rasdhika meanwhile is pressured by her father to settle down and have an arranged marriage just like them. But she is not happy with the idea and her friend Basu comes up with a plan. She spreads the false news around that Radhika has a boyfriend named Ramesh who works on the ship.


Her father is not sure what to do so Basu meets him and requests him to wait fro Ramesh to be back from the ship before deciding anything. Strangely enough one fine day Radhika and her father start to get calls from a man claiming to be Ramesh. Radhika now panics and doesn’t know how this could be possible. Meanwhile Basu and Radhika ask the man who claims to be Ramesh to come and meet him. However before he could speak to them, he is shot dead.


Savitri Devi, played by Tabu is the police officer assigned the bizarre case. She questions Radhika and Basu and is shocked to learn the truth but who could possibly know their secret is baffling to all. The movie is directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Chate Brothers. The music is composed by Vidyasagar.