Guthlee Ladoo

Released On - 13 Oct 2023     1hr 45min


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Guthlee Ladoo
Indian Film History

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"Guthlee Ladoo" is a tale of two underprivileged friends. Ladoo finds contentment in his simple life, adhering to the belief that fate is unchangeable, while Guthlee yearns to break free and sees education as his ticket to a brighter future. Supported by his father Mangru, Guthlee's determination to attend school forms the core of the narrative. Principal Harishankar recognizes Guthlee's drive and shares an unspoken connection with him, but societal biases, particularly caste prejudices, create hurdles. Despite these challenges, a glimmer of hope persists as Guthlee's dreams are nurtured through his special bond with the principal, leaving us contemplating his future.