Hero Hiralal

Released On - 21 Oct 1988     2hr 34min

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Hero Hiralal
Indian Film History

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Hiralal, played by Naseeruddin Shah is a hard working rickshaw driver in Hyderabad. One day when is at work he happens to meet a beautiful girl. Turns out she is an established actress of Bollywood named Roopa, played by Sanjana Kapoor. He decides to be her tour guide and show her around. Hiralal and Sanjana become good friends and eventually fall in love. Soon his love is about to face a lot of challenges when Sanjana has to go back Bombay for work commitments.


Hiralal decides to follow Sanjana and in the bargain bumps into her family members. They are all shocked that Sanjana is keeping in touch with a boy like Hiralal. They immediately disapprove of him and force Sanjana to leave him for good and concentrate on her work. This makes Hiralal depressed and he tries to end his life. He is saved by Rani Devi, another actress and tells him to die like a great lover not an ordinary one. But just when he is about to attempt the crazy idea, Sanjana comes back into his life by taking a ride with actor Amitabh Bachchan and confesses her love to Hiralal.


The movie is directed by Ketan Mehta and produced by Gul Anand. The music is composed by Babla.