Released On - 19 Nov 1997     2hr 3min

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Hingsa may be a social dramatization which depicts the story of a farmer’s family. Being the senior brother Naren needs his brothers to be effective in life. So he worked difficult to win their vocation and make Kiran, one of his brothers to be a specialist. But in envy Naren’s boss, Panchu tries to stop him from satisfying his dreams. In conjunction with his child, Madan he made errors and issues for him. By halting Naren’s sister’s marriage Panchu forced her to commit suicide and Madan killed Biru, more youthful brother of Naren. Taking advantage of the money he loaned to Naren, Panchu indeed constrained Naren, his spouse and child to take off their house. But Kiran and his sweetheart, ceased him from that and protected Naren. At last Panchu was being rebuffed for his offenses and Madan had to kick the bucket for his sins. So the story closes on a cheerful note where Naren excuses his as it were brother Kiran and acknowledges his sweetheart to be the bride and they lived cheerfully with everybody.