Released On - 15 Aug 1984     2hr 0min


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Madan Sharma and his gang of friends are the trouble makers of a well known city college. They are always up to no good and create some kind of mischief disrupting the discipline of the college every now and then. One day the principal Pande announces that the Holi festival holiday has been cancelled and instead there will be an important lecture for all the students. Madan and his friends are furious at this news and decide to create havoc in the college. Professor Singh who is close to most students understands the student’s restlessness and tries
to cajole them but to no avail. The college becomes a racket for indiscipline and the principal demands that Professor Singh give out the names of the culprits but he refuses. Soon The students end up ragging a student for giving out their names to the principal. This student does not take the bullying well and ends up committing suicide. Madan Sharma and his friends are then arrested by the cops. The film is directed by Ketan Mehta and produced by Ketan Mehta and Pradeep. The music is composed by Rajat Dholakia. The star cast includes Sanjeev Gandhi, Rahul
Ranade, Om Puri, Shreeram Lagu and Deepti Naval.