I Movie

Released On - 14 Jan 2015     2hr 19min

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Lingesan, played by Vikram is a bodybuilder living in Chennai and an aspiring model. His big dream is to win the Mr. India pageant title some day. He is completely besotted by supermodel Diya, played by Amy Jackson. Diya, whose career starts going down graph when she refuses her co-star John’s sexual advances, decides to work with Lingesan instead. The ad shoot is to be held in China on the same day as the Mr. India pageant but Lingesan decides to go for the shoot in stead.


Eventually, Lingesan and Diya fall in love and get engaged. The duo becomes top models with a flourishing modeling career and multiple endorsement credits. On his journey, Lingesan makes many enemies too including John whose career spiraled downwards once his went up, a soft drink company who Lingesan refused to endorse due to pesticides being added, Indrakumar who lost on Mr. Tamil Nadu to him and a transgender woman who falls for him.


The four enemies hatch a plan and inject a deadly virus ‘I’ into Lingesan which results n H4N2 influenza and in premature ageing with hair and teeth loss. Not knowing the truth, Lingesan decides to go away from Diya’s life by asking their family doctor Vasudevan to marry her, faking his own death.

Later he learns even Vasudevan was party to the nasty plan and takes revenge on them all one by one. Eventually with treatment, Lingesan becomes normal again and marries Diya. The movie is directed by Shankar and produced by V Ravichandran and D. Ramesh Babu. The music is composed by A.R. Rahman.