Ishq Qayamat

Released On - 20 Aug 2004    


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Suman is happily married to Ravi. Ravi is a dedicated and loving husband who is ready to do anything for her to keep her happy. Suman however puts up a farce in front of Ravi to be a loyal and loving wife but in reality has an ugly secret to hide. She is having an affair with her old college lover Ajay and has been hiding it from everyone, even her closest friends. Her dirty secret is safe for now and they both enjoy passionate intimate moments. However Suman feels guilty thinking of how faithful and loving Ravi is to her and decides to break up with Ajay never to see him again or hear from him.


After a few days however, Suman gets a call from an unknown person claiming to have pictures of her and Ajay together. He starts to blackmail her and asks for a heft amount of money to keep the pictures and her dirty secret to himself. Ajay hears of this and goes to confront the blackmailer but unfortunately gets murdered. Mysteriously the next day Ajay is on the line talking to Suman and she is shocked. Suman has to now uncover the truth, but first she will have to confide in Ravi.


The movie is directed by V Menon and produced by S B Rana. The music is composed by Bobby Rehman and the story is written by Raghu Menon. The cinematography is by Ashok Chakravarty and the choreography is by James Anthony. The star cast includes Milind Gawali, Deepak Jethi, Suman Ranganath, Shehzaad Khan, Sharvan Paliwal and Kashmira Shah.