Jaago Hua Savera

Released On - 01 Jan 1987     2hr 25min

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The story of the film revolves around the evils that communal riots create and the shocking after effects of it. One day a young bride is thrown on the road where four men pity her plight and give her shelter. Another day a horrific incident happens where the girl is molested and after a few months a boy named Dinu is born to her. The boy grows up to sell liquor on the road and falls in love with a girl named Phulwa. He then decides to join the gang of Shankar, not knowing who is actually is. Dinu then one day realizes he is raised without any religion and on the day on Moharram and RamNavami is asked to create communal violence in the city. Shankar and Dinu are then arrested.


The film is directed by Shaukat Jamali and is produced by S K Kanoria. The music is composed by Sonik Omi. The screenplay is by Shaukat Jamali. The star cast includes Amjad Khan, Raj Kiran, Shoma anand, Nilu Phule, A K Hangal, Joginder, Asha Sachdev and Rohini Hattangadi.