Jai Mahalaxmi Maa

Released On - 01 Jan 1997     2hr 4min

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A naïve and simple girl is married into an illustrious family. She is happy and starts her journey with a lot of hope and love however things don’t remain like that for long, as, soon the girl’s husband’s attempts at business and earning money go futile. Even her in-laws are having a hard time in everything they do. They all blame the girl for brining misfortune into the house and consider her as unlucky. She is deeply affected by these accusations and considers ending her life. She thus goes to commit suicide but is fortunately saved by a pujari who hears her sad story. He then suggests that she keep the Mahalaxmi Maa fast to change her fortunes forever.


The movie is directed by Prabha Thakur and produced by Rahul Mahiyaria. The music is composed by Prabha Thakur and the lyrics are written by Bharat Vyas. The star cast includes Prithvi, Varsha Usgaonkar, Asrani, Mushtaq Khan, Mukri, Rajesh puri, Mulraj Rajda, Shrikant Soni, Jayashree T, Radha Tripathi and Rajnibala. The singers in the movie include Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi.