Kagaar: Life On The Edge

Released On - 31 Oct 2003     2hr 30min



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Bhaskar, played by Amitabh Dayal is an honest and naïve man. He is desperately looking for his missing brother Raghuvir, and comes to Mumbai from his distant village to look for him. His mother is worried sick about him and his brother and hopes Bhaskar will get some good news this time. He takes the help of a cop named Gokhale, played by Om Puri. Gokhale tries his best to find Raghuvir but has no lucky and feels sorry for the plight of Bhaskar. He offers to get Bhaskar a job at a restaurant too. Meanwhile after a few days Bhaskar finally finds Raghuvir, but sadly in a morgue. He doesn’t not have the heart to tell his anxious mother about this, thus keeps the horrible news to himself.


Bhaskar makes up his mind to end crimes in the city and trains to be a police inspector. He is assigned an encounter, where he gets severely injured, thus his mother comes to look after him. She then gets him married to a girl called Aditi, played by Nandita Das from their village. Meanwhile Bhaskar is assigned to kill or arrest a hitman named Adi. He finds him and shoots but misses, as a result Adi escapes. He then gives an interview saying that Bhaskar is his childhood friend and would never shoot him. This creates a lot of chaos and Bhaskar is suspended and an investigation of Bhaskar’s background is carried out.


The movie is directed by N. Chandra and produced by Mrunalinni Patil. The music is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj.